Posted by: roamingolivia | February 17, 2011

Weird musing

I think I could write a whole blog of entirely random thoughts I have for fleeting moments during the day. That’s good because I can’t write a blog about all the big things I think about (they’re not that big, or interesting, anyway).

Today I saw two of those little beads that you get in shoe boxes – do you know what I mean? Those little beads or droplet-like things that are always in a shoe box. What are those? It is not a good item for a Google search because you just get a lot of results about how to make beaded shoes.

Those little beads have always been one of those mysteries that we probably don’t think enough about. Are they little bits of plastic? They resemble that glue that comes from a glue gun, so I wonder if they are tiny blobs of dried glue-gun glue.

I think they’re probably not intended to help dry out the air in the shoe box, because you have those little bags or tiny tubes of silica gel. Those are also a mystery, albeit one that is more easily solved by Google. I am pretty glad there was internet (or that I had no access to it) in my childhood. For some reason, I always imagined they were actually secretly able to produce Sea Monkeys. I may still believe that.

And there are other mysteries, like why so many things in the world have numbers on them. I don’t mean things with bar codes; I get the purpose of that. I mean, like, standardised signs in stairwells and random pieces of paper. I need to start a paper-tracking project, where I just record all these numbers and see if there is a secret, hidden message. But then I would be crazy.

Anyway, I have no idea what those beads are, but I recognised them immediately.


  1. Numbering stuff is excellent. It reminds me of Manchester’s Factory Records, which gave a sequential ‘FAC’ number to pretty much everything it produced: every poster (it’s first gig poster was FAC 001), every record, clothing, contract documents, stationery, staff parties, the Hacienda nightclub (FAC 51), the Hacienda nightclub’s cat (FAC 191), a design for a menstrual egg timer (FAC 8), and so on. When founder Tony Wilson died in 2007, his coffin was given the catalogue number FAC 501.

  2. It reminds me of that weird movie: ” A beautiful mind…” Estas loca m’ija . 🙂

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