Posted by: roamingolivia | February 18, 2011

Disaster strikes again

In general, bad things happen to me twice. Usually in quick succession. I tend to think that is because I fail to learn lessons quickly enough, and I think this is the most likely explanation (although it ignores the fact that these mistakes I make leading to these disasters somehow spontaneously appear and disappear in close succession).

About four years ago, I went to a party with a huge bottle of water (note: I always go to parties with bottles of water; I find it key to survival, and I got hooked on bottles of water when I was traveling abroad and get desperate if I am not transporting my own water all the time). Instead of the usual screw-top I prefer, that bottle had one of those flip-top lids. The top flipped, and spilled all over my bag, ruining my camera, and probably a book, but my extremely cheap five-year-old Nokia phone survived. (I’m sure I blogged about this at the time, but can’t be bothered to find it.) It was a kind of sad story because I took a lot of pictures at the time, and I was going home for Christmas soon.

Last Friday, as I was running out of the office, packed up all my things, and stopped off in the restroom. As I was leaving, I saw a water bottle identical to mine on the countertop. I didn’t remember putting it there, but I figured I was just being forgetful, picked it up, threw it in my bag, and left. By the time I got to the train station, a few minutes later, my bag was leaking water, and I realised the lid must not have been screwed on correctly.

I rolled my eyes, tried to rescue my camera (didn’t work), but saved my eReader (people make fun of me for keeping everything in little page protectors as pockets, but it turned out to be quite useful) and both phones. Parts of the New Yorker didn’t make it, but I was really behind on reading that one, so I figured that was fine. Not much else was ruined. It was decidedly less dramatic than the first time, although it is annoying to go home on a commuter train with a dripping bag.

The worst part was that, when I was digging through my bag, I realised that the offending bottle had actually not been mine. Mine was older, and was in my bag already. So I stole someone else’s water and it ruined my bag / camera.


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