Posted by: roamingolivia | February 21, 2011

I hate winter so much

I usually try to not do this – whine on my own blog – but meh. This is honestly what I think of today:

I hate winter so much. I think for a few days, like 2 weeks ago, it was warm (what passes for warm here, like 11 or 13 Celcius). It was even kind of sunny. I think I might have posted a really happy blog post about my commute that day, as if spring was coming.

For the last two weeks it has been very grey, and very drizzly, and the only reason I even bothered to stay awake for today is that I saw on the forecast that it should be warm again in a few days. I know that that is a lie; you can’t trust a British weather forecast 12 hours out. But I understand what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to do what the 11 p.m. closing time for pubs is trying to do: they are trying to make us go to work in the morning.

Winter this year feels interminable. Where my boyfriend lives it is snowing.


I think this is the hardest winter since I was a student here, and I’m not sure why.

I can tell it will be over soon. The sun sets later every day, and it is light until almost 5 p.m. now. In the meantime, feel free to post things that make you happier in the very dead end of winter. I think I might just need to crawl down into the hole of winter, and wallow. I really enjoyed Dar Williams’ song February this weekend, for example. And then I enjoyed 3 Dar Williams albums.


(One thing that cheered me up is this awesome story my friend told me about a dream she had, which I was hoping to squeeze into this blog post logically, but it didn’t work, so I’ll just tack it on as an amused ending. She told it to me in chat, so now it looks like a poem.

I had this dream
that I won the lottery
and became really rich
and then really fat
soooo fat that I couldn’t get out of bed
I was rich
so it was okay
because people would come feed me and cleanse me
and I was really happy
End of amusing tangent.)


  1. There is a real thing called seasonal affective disorder– S.A. D. . The cure is to get more exposure to light. Also try some vitamin D. ( goes with the light) . I love the weird winter weather– shows all that global warming stuff is at least not predictable — Maybe God really is in control???

  2. I read a post on a blog last week that would be perfect to link to but it has since disappeared. I still have the text in my reader through so will post an abridged version here:

    Winter blues busters
    from Loobylu by Claire (usually found at

    Is it Winter where you are?

    Yesterday there was a wiff of spring in the air. I walked around in the new garden in the sunshine and noticed all the bulbs starting to come up – all the tiny green sprouts on the trees. But now I am sitting at the kitchen table watching snow flakes fall again.

    Personally – I am finding our new, wintery climate totally stimulating. There hasn’t been a moment all winter long when I have felt the winter blues – but I can see that this might just be due to the whole novelty of the thing. Snow! Rain! Log fires! It’s all so Northern Exposure! That being said – I can feel a longing for the sun starting to creep in. I can feel there is a slowing in my daily word count (although I have finished my first draft – wahoo-ee!), a lack of interest in cooking, drawing, crafting and so on. Facebook and Twitter are easy ways to while away the time I get to sit in front of the computer. I can see how for some, the Northern Exposure could easily slip into The Shining.

    In the future when I find myself typing “all work and no play” over and over, I will refer back to this list, from a day when I am feeling optimistic about the weather.

    Winter is for…

    – Making the mundane tasks into projects (I’ve just printed up a bunch of lists and charts – life organisation 101)

    – Planning a garden – ordering seed catalogues, planning a summer of vegetables and canning

    – Getting to all those craft projects that get pushed to the side in the Summer

    – Walking in wintery woods

    – Lighting a wood fire and pouring a whisky

    – Reading awesome books – downloading audiobooks for the kids

    – Discovering weird vintage dolls in your grandparents’ crawl space and calling them Lucy and Nancy

    – Watching old and odd movies (we’ve been having a 1980s teen movie-a-thon — 16 Candles, Say Anything)

    – Collecting rocks

    – Watching tv shows made in the UK (Misfits, Downton Abbey, old Black Books)

    – Taking the kids on their first skating field trip – ever!

    – Potluck dinners with friends and neighbours

    – Wearing goofy fake glasses and banging out a first draft

    – Trying new recipes

    – Redesigning a blog

    – Drinking lots of water

    – Drinking coffee in cafes. Finding a favourite, becoming a regular

    – Talking endlessly about finally getting a dog/chickens/a potbellied pig

    – Munching on delicious crystalised ginger to help with sore throats

    – Finding a good friend and making a habit (or at least a promise) of getting fit together (yoga! walking! etc!)

  3. @ Sarah – that’s great. I might copy it down in my notebook (whilst hoping every day that the weather will be different). Thanks!

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