Posted by: roamingolivia | February 28, 2011

Things I’m thinking about this Monday

This isn’t even really things I’m thinking about, but more a random collection of things I’ve encountered in an attempt to catch up with my schedule for the week, having not used Sunday to do this.

1. I love quinoa. I bought some – I’d run out a while ago – and cooked it and made one of my very random but healthy salads, and it tasted very good. And I loved it. Now I just have to pick up all the 1000 tiny pieces of quinoa that escaped during the preparation process.

2. I am catching up with my Google Reader and book review websites I used to read religiously. I think this book sounds annoying; I can’t even attentively read the review, which appears to be written in a mimicky style of the book (one, 517-page sentence). But apparently it is daring and amazing. But writing like this makes me want to skim it, and with no periods in the text, I’ll just skim right to the end. On the other hand, that could mean I finish it quickly. Grr. I should stop falling for these adjectives like “daring” so easily. Is anyone interested in this book?

3. I’ve never heard of the fiction in this list, except of course the dreaded Freedom. Oh well, it’s 2011 now and that prize is for 2010 so it is old news.

4. I think this article counts as an update to the Franzenfreude thing.

5. I really want to read this book about Odessa. Like. A lot. I loved Odessa. And I loved reading about it in The Hare With the Amber Eyes. So I need to read that book.

6. And this one about Italy!

7. Oh, and this one, which looks great.


This is getting out of hand.



  1. Did you read Freedom and hate it?

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