Posted by: roamingolivia | March 23, 2011

I love spring so much.

I thought that, since I succombed to the whining of end-of-winter blues, I should notify everyone that things have much improved with a post – and with a post with a parallel name to the now-infamous “I hate winter so much”.

For the past week or two, light has reached my window long before I wake up, and even on cloudy days this really improves the entire waking-up process. In the winter, if I wake up in pitch-black darkness, I wonder if my alarm is about to go off. Now, I literally smile and fall back asleep because I know that, if it’s that dark, my alarm is still ages away. I don’t snooze anymore, and I wake up earlier, and my life is generally better.

And this is despite the fact that I am not exercising, and I have a cold. That’s how good it is.

I love spring, and summer, and warmth this month everywhere, even in Texas (where it’s really never cold). I love it particularly in London because the winter lasts about six months. And it has an added advantage over Italy, which has better examples of both spring and summer, from an objective point of view: I am not deathly allergic to anything in London.

It changes the entire way people interact. My colleague’s first words on entering this room were: “What a beautiful sunny morning. All’s well with the world.” (He is actually a nice and optimistic person anyway, but still.) Everyone enters the office with a smile on their face, and we have windows and light so we can keep smiling.

It makes me want to run outside, or walk to work (impossible – it’s like 6 miles, which Google Maps tells me would take two hours and six minutes), or have picnics, or arrange my entire social life to be centred around sitting on benches next to the river and laughing.

Maybe next week I’ll ditch my winter coat for a spring jacket (but this requires an extraordinary amount of faith).



  1. I love nothing more than the end of winter. I’ve been writing my thesis at home in Dallas. These days I can sip my coffee outside at dawn in perfectly agreeable air. As crappy as thesis-writing is, life starts at a 9 out of 10 when it’s sunny. I’ve decided to pretend that spending an extra 2 months writing it was a clever plan to avoid returning to the UK until summer. I never want to experience the 6-month darkness of a northerly winter again in my life.

  2. Six miles in over two hours. . . . ? Walking pace?

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