Posted by: roamingolivia | May 10, 2011

Birthday weekend: The Cotswolds

For my birthday weekend, David took me to the Cotswolds, which are a lovely part of England. I only have my Blackberry, now that my camera was ruined in a water accident, so these photos aren’t great quality, but you can see how lovely it is.

First we went for a little walk around a canal:

Having just gotten off the phone with my grandmother for Mother’s Day, I’m very aware that England is incredibly green. It’s almost blindingly green, and this weekend was I think the first amazingly beautiful weekend we had in England – a clear marker of the end of winter. We’ve since had a lot of wonderful weekends, and I’m now used to nice weather, so I hope it stays.

We continued along the canal, taking pictures of little doorsteps and cute things… (well, me – David not so much)

(It seems I have a lot of very similar and very tilty pictures…)

And then we stopped for some delicious cream tea (tea with scones and clotted cream, which sounds disgusting because of the word “clot” but is delicious):

(I think David dubbed this picture the worst photo of a duck in history.)

And then we continued the loveliness:

Then there was an amazing dinner, and then the next day we wandered around to the cultural exhibits in the town. We couldn’t really be bothered to really visit the museums, but we did go to this miniature version of the whole town, which falls in the worldwide but very strange tradition of freak hobbies, I believe:

I have lots more photos of this, but you get the picture. I think this was made weirder by the fact I’d just seen that movie Dinner for Schmucks, in which Steve Carrell’s character dresses up dead mice and puts them in miniature scenes. This felt a bit close to that.

And there were also little mechanical miniatures of folk activities and local culture:

You can basically imagine mice in that.

Anyway, so this is a post, two months late and very brief, about a weekend in the Cotswolds. I’m trying to work my way through the photos I’ve taken on my Blackberry in the past few months. More to come!


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