Posted by: roamingolivia | June 3, 2011

Every single Friday goes like this

6:15 a.m.

I wake up a few minutes later and way less prepared to wake up than on other mornings, but I am also excited for the day.


8.20 a.m.

I sit down to my laptop, thinking, “Great! Today is a whole day. I can do all those things I was supposed to do and haven’t done this week.” I am full of optimism.


11 a.m.

I look at the clock. “Why is it so late?” I ask aloud to no one, but I am still chipper.


1 p.m.

Despite the frenzy that is setting in, I go for lunch; if possible, I do this outside. I love every minute of it.


3 p.m.

I am energized but suddenly frantic with the realization that absolutely none of my goals will be accomplished today.


5 p.m.

I start blogging, check Facebook, etc., because I just don’t care anymore.


6 p.m.

Unless I had a reason to leave, you can often find me here again, having passed the not-caring stage and gone into “well if I am at the office after 5.30 I might as well use my time well” attitude, a hideously destructive mindset that should not be wished on anyone. I hope to not be in that mindset in 50 minutes.


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