Posted by: roamingolivia | June 17, 2011

Imperial Russian Stout

A few weeks ago, I was at the Fox and Goose Beer Festival in Hebden Bridge. I tried several beers, but probably the most intense one was an Imperial Russian Stout. It also had the most cryptic description, involving Catherine the Great and various other historical references. Anyway, that was part of our super-dark and super-strong round, and this beer made a really lasting impression.

So lasting that weeks later, I was instantly transported back to that tasting moment when I heard this charming story on the Today Show on BBC Radio 4 about the voyage of a barrel of this dark, sweet beer, that includes Russians talking about how it tastes a bit like burnt sugar and tar, but is nice.

(Incidentally, I made the order for this round of dark beers, and when I said I wanted the Imperial Russian Stout, the man behind the bar said, “Really??” I guess such prejudices show that we are still some way away from the ideals of the writer of this fine article:

Today, if all women drank beer in the same way as Catherine then the British brewing business would be in far finer fettle than it currently is.)



  1. I like burnt sugar, tar (smell – never tasted surprisingly) and the idea of stout diplomacy, so this gets my two thumbs up.

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