Posted by: roamingolivia | August 13, 2011

Some Tunisia highlights so far

I have been in Tunisia for a week now, and am feeling incredibly lazy. I will have a few observations later, but for now, I will just post some pictures at random.

Carthage (some random pictures of what’s there).

Sea view in Sidi Bou Said.

Roman coliseum in El Jem, the best Roman site in Africa (or so they say).

Street in El Gem.

Sea view in Kerkennah Islands, where a shared taxi passenger offered us NATO-manufactured CS gas to protect against bad people (we turned it down – more on this later).

The chair on which I spend many hours in our courtyard reading my holiday book, Infinite Jest. I hope to finish it this holiday (otherwise I can’t imagine ever finishing it), and it is really good.

Other bits of the courtyard (in Djerba, where we’re spending a week). The town, Erriadh, has one of the oldest synagogues in Africa as well.

A cafe in Djerba’s biggest city, Houmt Souk, where (a very small minority of) locals escape Ramadan.


  1. Probably the first time on your blog I can ever say, hey I’ve been there! (just El Jem though)

    • Where else did you go in Tunisia? We have 3 days at the end and we’re not sure what to do with them…

  2. We hung out on the beaches for four days, but the cool stuff we did was on the interior – Kairouan, Mamatma, Chebika village and Tamerza Waterfalls (near Tozeur). And we rode camels in Douz, because we are cheeseballs.

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