Posted by: roamingolivia | April 5, 2012

CSKC 2: Willesden Green (Brent)

This is the second place I went for my charity shop kitchen challenge – Willesden Green. This is actually not far from my house, and still in Brent (I went there on the way back from Kensal Rise), so it’s a bit like cheating, but I bought some good stuff in these dubious-looking charity shops.

First, there was Samaritans:

I just bought some lovely old picture frames at this shop, and I’m excited to think about what to put in them:

(I had a good conversation with the man at the cash register about how “they don’t make frames like this anymore”, which always fulfills a need I have to act like a very old person, while remaining young.)

I then crossed the street to this tiny charity shop:

It’s basically half a shop-front, called “Geranium Shop for the Blind”.

I bought some good bowls and a baking dish there – all very basic, but nice.


It started raining as I finished this, so I went across the road to the Polish restaurant, Pasibrzuch (weirdly I have never been to a Polish restaurant in London). I had barszcz (borscht) and pierogi and a Zywiec, and thought about the semester I spent in Poland.



  1. I got futon, would you like to take from my address? Very near you…

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