Posted by: roamingolivia | April 10, 2012

CSKC 3: Marylebone (Westminster)

When D and I gave notice to be married at Marylebone Town Hall a few weeks ago, we were heading back to the Tube when we passed this little charity shop called Sue Ryder Care:

We went in briefly, and I found the most amazing and puzzling coffee cups I have ever seen:

That’s right – they say Hot Coffee with Cracker. The coffee has a spoon, and … well, it’s puzzling to have a cracker with the coffee. So I was clearly unable to avoid buying them.

That’s basically the end of the story. But pretty great, right?



  1. haha, i know that place well! right around the corner from my folk’s place. Bought tons of cheap books there…

  2. And of course congrats on the news at Marylebone!

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