Posted by: roamingolivia | April 13, 2012

CSKC 4: Royal Borough of Greenwich

I love Greenwich, and I never go there – or I haven’t been since I went with my guests Ryan and Lauren last June. So I went out there to recreate that day a couple weeks ago – we had food at the market, looked in the little shops, climbed the hill and went to a cafe for dessert. It was a lovely day. Plus, there’s an antique market there, so I could include this in my challenge.

I did all of this … first the market food:


Market food doesn’t photograph well. Anyway, I took the food and sat in a doorway outside the college building where music students practice – I love hearing the scales and the stop-and-start of music practice.

Then, I walked past the breezy and grand buildings,

climbed the hill,

and hit the market.

There were a lot of things to buy there, but I settled on these (again, basically useless) cranberry glass dessert dishes. I can eat yoghurt out of them, at least.

I had a brownie and tea and went home.


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