Posted by: roamingolivia | April 16, 2012

CSKC 5: Clapham (Lambeth)

In my quest for large dinner plates, I went over to Clapham – I’ve been trying to alternate north and south – where there is actually an amazing charity shop. The Save the Children shop there has EVERYTHING: vintage furs, weird paintings, good handbags and basically everything vintage and lovely, plus lots of beautiful homewares.

They do not, unfortunately, have acceptable dinner plates, but they have lovely blue glass salad plates, which weigh about 4 times more any other plate I have ever seen:

I bought all 5 that they had there:

Then I bought a lovely green glass huge wine glass, which is the type of thing my grandmother put her necklaces in. I could put jewelry in it, or something else – small flowers maybe? or pencils? Anyway, I’ve wanted this for a long time, so despite the anticipated long trek home, I bought it:

I also bought a nice pitcher,

a mixing bowl (I have about 5 now – I think I can quit buying these),

and this little tea cup set, with a ceramic tea leaf thing that sits inside it.

Then, as I was walking (heavily burdened) to Clapham North tube, I saw this other charity shop. Or anyway a shopfront that has a donated sign and displays characteristics of a charity shop ( is not really as well known as, say, Save the Children):

They had some weird things in there, but also several things from real shops that were still in their boxes and seemed not to have ever been used. I bought this ceramic utensil holder and these 4 glasses for 7 GBP, so it was a good bargain, even if it’s not as quirky as some of the other stuff:



  1. That pitcher is absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to feature these items in action in your new home, when the time comes. 🙂

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