Posted by: roamingolivia | May 22, 2012

Texas, Part 2: Abilene

Abilene is a pretty strange place. Last time I went there, I had a really strange encounter in a donut shop – the owner called on the phone and essentially accused me of trying to steal her intellectual property because I took a picture of the display case. There was a scary large man in there too, but I don’t remember what he did in relation to the story; I think I blogged about it somewhere, but not sure where.

Anyway, so we avoided the donut shop this time. We did stop in Abilene for lunch, and to get out of the car on the way to Lubbock. We went to the downtown,which was also empty (like Brownwood), but pretty photogenic, especially the train station:

There were other good old buildings:

Everything was closed there, too (it was Monday), so we got back on the road for Lubbock, which I’ll blog about next.


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