Who am I?

I’ll probably be figuring out the answer to this for the rest of my life. So I am living the question, and not the answer (to borrow a Rilke quote).

I am reworking this, as I work through what type of person I want to be, and what I want to do with my one wild and precious life (another quote, this time Mary Oliver). I call many places home, and I wonder if having so many homes means I have none, or infinite. I am living in London at the moment, but have lived in Milan and Kazakhstan and Yorkshire and Texas. You can imagine the confusion over homes.

I am interested in how my reaction to place, and to being in new places, bring this question to the forefront again and again. So I am stuck puzzling this out again and again, a process which is fun, painful, difficult, lovely and interesting at the same time. More than anything, maybe, it is uncomfortable – and I’m still figuring out how comfortable we should be.



  1. I love this picture.

  2. Just read your review of Life and Fate!

    Many thanks,

    Robert Chandler

  3. It is an almost perfect picture of you, all that is missing is a confused man in the background,

  4. Thanks Olivia for posting my Hot sauces. I guess I am world wide now. Nice photos of the labels too. If you have a bottle of the “Manassas Swamp” that would answer Daron’s remarks. It’s a great hobby and I am glad you like them.
    You are my No. 1 fan, ha.

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